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Which Security Events Do I Really Need to Worry About?

Get answers to questions that arise when you enter the SIEM world.

What is SIEM? Do you really need it? What is the power of correlation? How to collect and analyze logs from on-premise and from cloud simultaneously? How to build a Security Operation Center in a very limited budget? How many people do I need for SecOps? Should I implement SIEM from the beginning or should it be the final solution for my IT? Can SIEM be cheaper than antivirus? 

… and answers for other questions around SIEM you can find in our e-books from AT&T Cybersecurity*:  


incident types and recomended actions


How To Build a Security


Simplify PCI DSS Compliance with AlienVault
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SIEM For Beginners.
Everything You Wanted to Know


Insider's Guide to Incident Response

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